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PRODUCT: 1.7 Fluid Ounce, Floral Chypre Perfume spray for women made with an exorbitant use of nearly 50% Natural Essential Oils, Absolutes & Isolates. 



               Based upon a desire to capture the complexity, depth and mystery of the feminine. A truly unique composition combining some of the rarest, treasured and expensive, ingredients in natural perfumery. Flower petals, so delicate, that they must be handled carefully to not be bruised, so ‘particular’ that they can only harvested once a year, during the brief, ‘blooming cycle’, (and only before dawn), yet paradoxically, holding a fragrance so strong, powerful and intoxicating it is likened to the  fabled  ‘sirens of the sea’, and so captivating that no ‘man’ can ‘look away’.


                 Opening with an exhilarating burst of green aldehydes and citrus. Uplifting Bergamot, green cognac, combined with the fresh airy scent of cucumbers, and violet leaves, then transitioning unto a lily-white innocence. This white ‘innocence’ lays down the ‘red carpet’ for the sultry entrance of the Hearts notes; leading the parade is the intoxicating Jasmin flower, laden with the paradox of fragility and strength.

               Standing alongside, Jasmin is the flower named after the Greek hunter, Narcissus.  The Greek epic hero who in the mythological account ‘was so beautiful that once he caught a glimpse of his own reflection, he was trapped gazing at his himself, forever’, in a self-made prison of his own demise. Yet, we tame the sultry Jasmin, and shake Narcissus from the focused gaze, with; another flower named after heroes of Greek mythology, Hyacinth, an ancient floral symbol of ‘nature’s beauty of resurrection’.

            Delving further into the “Essence de Feme”, with with the primal base notes of musk, and the rhizomes of the purple iris (Orris), buried depth within the earth, like the, Venus of Willendorf. Alive with subtle complex layers each slowly reveled, brings forth a revelation of; depth, tenacity and mystery, living in perfect harmony with the inviting sincerity and warmth of the additional honeyed base notes of; natural Labdanum, Vanilla and Honey. The long-awaited reveal of a soulful olfactory story alive with feminine complexities, that is voluminous, intoxicating and irresistible.  




    A truly unique Floral Chypre, combining some of the rarest, treasured and expensive, ingredients in natural perfumery to create a paradox of cool top notes and warm woody base that eloquently capture the complexity, depth, and mystery of the feminine.


  • NOTES:

    TOP: Grapefruit, Violet Lavender

    HEART: Jasmin, Hyacinth, Narcisse

    BASE: Orris, Ambrette, Oakmoss


    • Passionate
    • Sensual
    • Intoxicating
    • Effervescent
    • Feminine
    • Enigmatic
    • Complex
    • Sophisticated
    •  Refined
    • Fresh
    • Green
    • Woodsy
    • Iris
    • Orris
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