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PRODUCT: 1.7 Fluid Ounce, Sweet Floral Perfume spray for women made with Natural Essential Oils, Absolutes & Isolates. 



               Floribunda is a Sweet Floral Perfume with over 35% perfume oils, an ultra-feminine fragrance that is captures the essence of fragrant flowers, and romance, like a ‘romantic journey through botanical gardens with the one you love’.


                As the ‘stroll’ begins, fresh Top notes of Citrus blossom, Tamarin, and Lavender are noticed, then traveling further, the Heart notes appear with, Damask Rose taking centerstage. The thorned ‘Queen of the Garden’, bearing the burden of all the complexities, of ‘a life well lived’. The branches from the Mulberry tree. Laden with small white blossoms, sway in the breeze.

                As you lean into the smell the white blooms of the Gardenia bushes, and savor the intoxicating fragrance, you notice the shiny green leaves still carry bits of the the morning’s glistening dew, hidden from suns illuminating rays. You and your lover, walking hand and hand along the path, you suddenly realize the fragrance euphoria is due to the perfect balance of Heady flowers, the warmth of Honey and sweetgum and the grounding notes of: Spruce, Tonka Beans, & Patchouli.




    An ultrafeminine Warm Soli-Floral fragrance that is captures the essence of blooming flowers, and romance, like a; ‘romantic journey through botanical gardens with the one you love’.

  • NOTES:

    TOP: Petitgrain, Tamarin, Lavender.

    HEART: Rose, Geranium, Gardenia,

    BASE: Sweetgum, Sandalwood, Honey


    • Floral
    • Oriental
    • Flowers
    • Rose
    • Spring
    • Romantic
    • Femine
    • Warm
    • Intoxicating
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