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   Haute Couture

Natural Fragrance

            Driven by the desire to create a  ‘true perfume’ - fragrance, including the elements of classical perfumery, with; Top, Heart, and Base Notes, but WITHOUT SYNTHETIC INGREDIENTS. 

          Seeking only the ‘best’ and most-pure ‘hidden gems’ of: Natural Essential Oils, Absolutes and Isolates from various sources all over the world.

       Hand blending each bottle with a goal of replicating the natural essence of; places in nature, various archetypes and life's experiences.  

         The final fragrance unfolding to reveal a story with many chapters.

         A symphony of notes playing out from beginning to end. Carrying alongside , the 'olfactory journey' of Life's Precious Moments, as though they were captured in the invisible space between: solid matter,  space and time. 

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