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        Haute Couture

Natural Fragrance

            Driven by the desire to create a  ‘true perfume’ - fragrance, including the elements of classical perfumery, with; Top, Heart, and Base Notes, but WITHOUT SYNTHETIC INGREDIENTS. 

          Seeking only the ‘best’ and most-pure ‘hidden gems’ of: Natural Essential Oils, Absolutes and Isolates from various sources all over the world.

       Hand blending each bottle with a goal of replicating the natural essence of; places in nature, various archetypes and life's experiences.  

         The final fragrance unfolding to reveal a story with many chapters.

         A symphony of notes playing out from beginning to end. Carrying alongside , the 'olfactory journey' of Life's Precious Moments, as though they were captured in the invisible space between: solid matter,  space and time. 

As a child I loved sneaking into my mother’s closet...

                There I would drag the cast iron stool, covered in plush pink velvet, up to the built-in armoire and climb upon it to reach that ‘special spot’ my mother stored her 'Luxury Perfume's’. The ones designated for: 'Special Occasion's , placed up high, nearing furthest edge of the closet, and intentionally out of the reach of a small child. 

          There nestled between stacks of high-heeled shoes, heavy houndstooth suits and fine silk blouses, I would set my sights on the ones I had already found to be my personal 'Favorites'. 

             Pushing past the bottles of: 'Anais Anais', 'Charlie,'  and Coty 'Wild Musk',  I would set my sights on; a heavy round bottle; clad with fine ladies dressed in pomp and splendor, of the classic oriental, launched in 1962, of: ‘Bal à Versailles’.

            Next for my mother’s newest purchase; in a bottle shaped like the large cut-crystal bulb that hung gracefully from the bottom of the dining-room chandelier, of the 'Narcotic' Floral Perfume: ‘Paris’.  

            Last but certainly not least, I would reach for the rectangle bottle of: ‘Joy’ Perfume. Famed as one of the 'Most Expensive Perfumes' ever to be produced and claiming to contain the extract of: over 10,000 jasmine flowers, and 28 dozen roses, squeezed into each ounce of the floral elixir.  

           After thoroughly dousing myself with enough 'flower petal essence' to bankrupt the country of Holland, and feeling as though I was hiding directly inside the center of  my mother's prized; 'Floribunda' growing in her rose garden, I would climb back down from the top of the armoire like a tiny 'bond girl'. Carefully using the armoire drawers partially opened, like a ladder back down to the ground level, placing everything back ’just the way it was’, and hoping that my 'secret garden of scents’ was not ‘revealed’.

- Kathryn

Bee Beautiful Body Butter CEO,

All Natural Perfumier,

& the 'nose' behind our Natural Fragrances

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