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PRODUCT: 1.7 Fluid Ounce, Cannabis-Chypre unisex Fragrance with a lavish (Perfume level - 42%) concentration of Natural Essential Oils, Absolutes & Isolates. 



                A Multidimensional and transformative Oriental fragrance with an olfactory journey It’s like a ‘fresh twist on a Jamaican getaway you have to experience.


               The top notes of Citrus and Cilantro awaken you from your ‘Jet Lag’ while the exciting green Heart notes of Cannabis Sativa, tropical fruits and spices get the ‘party Started’. As the base notes enter the mix, the blend mellows into a coddled, and majestic warmth, wrapping your skin with a comforting blanket of deep woody conifer notes and sacred resins.




    A Warm Green-Oriental fragrance with a multidimensional olfactory journey,  a 'Jamaican' getaway with a ‘fresh twist' you just have to experience.

  • NOTES:

    TOP: Bergamot, Galangal Root, Coriander

    HEART: Cannabis Sativa, Coconut, Bay West indies

    BASE: Cedar, Sandalwood, Wild Oponax


    • Green
    • Sweet
    • Youthful
    •  Fun
    • Tropical
    • Coconut
    • Rasta
    • Cannabis
    • 420
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